New terms for recapitulative statement submission In respect of terms, new basic rule for recapitulative statement submission which is now in place that taxpayer submits recapitulative statement in every month, till 25 day, after finishing of respective month (Act on VAT, article 102, paragraph 4).


The ordinance follows the publication on 24 August of Law No. 49/2020, which transposes the European Union (EU) VAT “quick fixes” into Portugal’s domestic legislation with a main objective of adapting the layout of the European Sales Recapitulative Statement to the new VAT rules related to the sales regime for consignments of intra-Community transfers of goods.

recapitulative statements - Application of Article 263(1) of Directive 2006/112/EC (amended by Directive 2008/117/EC) Specific Contract No. 7, TAXUD/2011/DE/310 Final report 28 October 2011. Expert study on the issues arising from a reduced time frame and the options allowed for 2.2.1 VAT data collection EU VAT Solution – mandatory information collection & exchange The EU solution to the data-sharing problem is a mandatory regime. VAT registered suppliers in the EU are required to file recapitulative statements (also known as EU sales lists, or VIES statements).7 These statements (by … Vat Ledger Report or National Recapitulative Statement Since January 2014, businesses have been required to submit VAT ledger reports. The VAT Ledger report contains details of a company’s incoming and outgoing invoices for each VAT period. The deadline for submission is the 25th day of the month following the tax period end. Recapitulative statement of exempt IC supplies of goods and services ("European Sales List") Every taxable person must submit recapitulative statements where exempt intra-Community supplies of goods and, from January 1st, 2010, intra-Community supplies of services for which the recipient is liable to pay the tax, are made. The recapitulative statement [ESL] must be drawn up for each calendar month and must be submitted to local VAT authorities by the 25th of the month after the end of the reporting period [month].

Vat recapitulative statements

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A recapitulative statement has to be completed and submitted to the VAT department by those persons involved in intra-community supplies.

15 Jun 2020 Adding a G/L Check within your VAT Statement; Running the Calc & Post VAT Settlement Routine (post = off); Check for post-dated VAT Entries.

File an EU VAT Recapitulative Statement to give details on your sales to EU countries. You must complete a recapitulative statement to report your selling to customers in other EU countries. In addition, you must complete a VAT return by the deadlines that depend on your tax period.

Q9 - Do I need a valid VAT number for my recapitulative statement? Q10 - What is a recapitulative statement? Q11 - Is it possible to know the algorithms used by Member States / Northern Ireland in the construction of their VAT identification numbers? Q12 - What do I have to do if my own VAT number appears as invalid?

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Vat recapitulative statements

The recapitulative statement [ESL] must be drawn up depending on the periodicity of the VAT return [month/quarter]. Foreign companies filing quarterly VAT returns have to submit the statement on a quarterly basis accordingly. The recapitulative statement shall be drawn up for each calendar quarter within a period and in accordance with procedures to be determined by the Member States, which shall take the measures necessary to ensure that the provisions concerning administrative cooperation in the field of indirect taxation are in any [] The EU’s data-sharing mechanism involves recapitulative statements by origin state sellers and a VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) that shares this information with the destination state. VAT returns must be submitted and any VAT due must be paid in full by the last working day of the month following the end of each tax period. If the taxable person performs intra-community supplies and must file a recapitulative statement, the VAT return must be submitted by the 20th day of the month (or earlier if the 20th day is not a working day) following the reporting period (calendar month).
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Vat recapitulative statements

Varje beskattningsbar person som är registrerad till  av A Mahdi · 2016 — Different regulations are applied on domestic VAT taxation, Intra-Community Invoice content, periodic tax declaration and VAT EU recapitulative statement are​  (c) the VAT identification number of the taxable person in the Member State in which the recapitulative statement must be submitted and under which he has  Problems caused by quick fixes in the context of VAT identification numbers and recapitulative statements EN. 28-01-2020 E-000494/2020 Rådet.

Since 1 January 2020, the recapitulative statements must be submitted electronically. In order to file recapitulative statements for goods or services electronically, taxable persons must apply for access to the platform for the electronic gathering of financial data (eCDF).

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Recapitulative statement: A statement to be submitted by every taxable person identified for VAT purposes providing intra-Community supplies. The recapitulative statement shall be submitted, as a general rule, each month, recording the total value of goods or services supplied to each acquirer in other Member States, listed by its

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These state that the VAT identification number and the recapitulative statement become substantive conditions for exemption. If a supplier omits the latter, he and the recipient lose the right of input tax deduction. However, the recipient has no possibility in law to oblige the supplier to produce a recapitulative statement. Se hela listan på VAT EU Recapitulative Statement (9633e) This Statement must be filed online for each calendar month. You can use MyTax, the website where you send the Statement as a computer file, or Apitamo/ApitamoPKI-interface. MyTax.

In addition, you must complete a VAT return by the deadlines that depend on your tax period. The requirement to file a recapitulative statement is part of the A recapitulative statement is a periodical statement required to be made by suppliers in Malta who make intra-Community supplies of goods to customers identified with a valid VAT Registration number in another Member State. 2008-04-10 2011-03-29 Changes concerning recapitulative statements (the “M” sheets of the VAT return) from 1 July 2020 Under the current regulations, taxpayers are obliged to provide data concerning the invoices they receive for the domestic acquisition of goods and services – if the output VAT content of these invoices exceeds HUF 100,000 – in the VAT return in which they exercise the right to deduct tax based on those invoices. The recapitulative statement must include details of the VAT registration number of the respective business partners and the total value of all intra-Community transactions for the reporting period.